Saturday, 12 May 2012


            Humans. Such all-mighty beings we are indeed. We create, we destroy…we maintain. We can do whatever we want, can’t we? We are a gift to this planet, making it a better place to live…for us. Saving thousands of animals from extinction, keeping them safe in zoos’ so that we could look at them and know how they look, writing and drawing them down in books as to preserve the memory of those animals just in case. 

But we tried right? We care for the “lesser” organisms, the wild and pathetic animals that should be thankful that we let them exist with us. Even though we keep them only for their worth: to feed us or to entertain us. Indeed, all other life is lesser to the awesomeness that is humans. After all…we are the most complicated organism out there right? And the smartest? Of course…we even have a sub-consciousness and self-awareness. We are indeed special and magnificent.

And that is exactly what all humans are thinking deep down. We put on masks to hide our true beliefs that we are better than the rest, taking pity on animals and even releasing laws against their abuse, like their lives are in our hands. And they are, aren’t they? Since we are humans and we control the Earth with all of its’ inhabitants. We care for animals? We care for nature? BAH! Brainwashing propaganda that’s what it is. 

We only keep them for our entertainment, to have something to look at and enjoy. Not only that, but we also keep them so that we could confirm our existence as the most “advanced” species on the planet. (as they say...if there’s no evil…how can there be good?) We also like to show how much we care for our surroundings, for the suffering animals and the shrinking forests and wildlife, lifting our social status that way, while keeping the mask of a saint on and fooling others, who do the same thing and have the same truth locked away deep down.

Actually… I think that people truly believe that they are “good” …To me personally that is the most twisted thing that can exist. To some my thinking might seem like the twisted thing. But believing that you are helping animals or nature, by donating money in keeping it a little longer on this planet, and that you are a truly kind-hearted and pure person, that doesn’t care how much time he spends on such things, is the truly twisted thinking. 

Actions like that are taken not because a person is “good”. There is no such thing in reality, at least not the “good” as I imagine it. Since I’m quite naïve, when I hear “good” I imagine a pure feeling or an action, that comes with zero personal gain. But such a thing cannot exist amongst us humans.

We always do things as to gain something in return (and sometimes we don’t even have to think about it…since in the end we still gain something...ALWAYS). But the fact that people believe otherwise makes me sick to my very depths. Humans are fooling themselves with the very brainwash they created. 

Trusting and keeping to the moral ideas and standards that are a part of the “honorable and kind-hearted human” idol image, that was created to immortalize the endless struggle in trying to reach it, diving deeper and deeper into the fakeness and fooling ourselves until the ends of time. Truly an amazing feat if you think from a different angle.

But I have to admit, that sometimes it’s hard for me to take that attitude of my race. And perhaps the fact, that I myself have the same attitude? Perhaps it’s in human nature to hold himself as something above all else? To not give a shit about his surroundings and use it as a tool for our own survival and well-being?

We consume the nature, cutting down forests and hunting down animals just to make our living apartments and our lives more comfortable. We furnish our homes, after making the necessary items from the trees we cut, we put pelts of the animals we hunt down on the floor, so that our feet would be comfortable. Or we just use the trees to keep the fires going at home, so that we wouldn’t get cold? Life feeds on life indeed. And we are invincible in this league.

And I don‘t even know which humans are worse…the ones who just consume without a care in the world (except the care for their own lives and if they’ll have enough money to continue consuming) or the eco-geeks who try to “save” nature and “fight” for it? I’d say the second is worse, since the though makes me more sick then the first choice. 

Some kind of complete hypocrites and fakes, who carry themselves as someone even above humans, who think that they are doing the right thing, “protecting” the nature, as if they are something with such power and knowledge as to be so much far above the rest of the world, including the very nature they try to protect. Nature does not need protecting, it needs respect. And a fearful distance to be kept from, as to let it prosper on its’ own, because that’s what it DOES. 

Those pathetic and fake “nature protectors” are even worse than the simple consumers in my opinion and their epitome if self-fooling is something that almost scares me.

And another thing – I keep hearing the complaints of my fellow race, for the “wrongs” that nature has done to us. The cunamies, earthquakes and other catastrophes carries out by nature are truly an evil and unjust thing. I mean how does nature dare to harm and destroy the lives of us simple, hardworking humans, who have done nothing wrong? Bah.

 The very earth that we so thoroughly take for ourselves and take care as our own property doesn’t even belong to us in the first place. The earth belongs….to Earth itself, and not humans. And we should feel lucky that the ground we stand upon doesn’t open up and swallow us all (even though things like that happen from time to time). And we dare complain after what we’ve been doing on Earth? The things we’ve done? Every single human being (including me)  is to blame, and getting to the point….we can’t complain for the catastrophes that happen, by the hand of nature because it’s exactly what we deserve.

We truly like to show our superiority and power, even making animals as our pets. Experimenting with them, creating new types just for the fun of it(and not only that). Trying to create something superior or prettier to look at. Even testing medicine on them and using them as lab rats (….and even literally…the saying “lab rats” didn’t appear out of nowhere obviously). 

I mean…animals are lesser beings then us, so why not use them as experiment objects, while trying to create medicine for humans. I mean…there’s nothing wrong with abusing some inferior creature. But it’s obviously wrong to do the same thing to a human. After all…humans have feelings. ………………….

The very pets symbolize our superiority. Cuddling them, playing with them. Enjoying the fact that these pets we created cannot survive without us. I couldn’t say that they belong in nature anymore. So twisted and corrupted these pets we have tamed are that I doubt they could survive in nature if released. Since nature would correct the wrong done and perhaps only a very small percent of these “pets” would manage to adapt back into nature, from which they were once taken from as a sacrifice, to keep the rest a way.

Truly…horrible. We humans are indeed ugly creatures. Ugly and cruel beyond belief. All we care about is ourselves, our very core contains only selfishness. But in human standards that’s not bad is it now? As long as it’s for the well-being of the human race.

Since our very nature is so twisted and ugly, I just don’t imagine a way for us to peacefully co-exist with the planet and its’ inhabitants. There is just no way for that to happen, without us harming everything around us. After feeds on life, and humans just feed too much, pulling everything out of balance. Unless you believe that humans themselves are a part of nature and that everything is the way it should be. Survival of the fittest and all that.

The only solution to this planets problem I can think of is….for the human race to disappear. That’s right. I do not think that we humans have a place here, or that we have the right to exist at all. We are like a plague. A self-absorbed and an ego-centric plague (which almost sounds awesome). Thus I believe that we shouldn’t exist at all….I say it’s not humans>all, but the opposite…all>humans. Nature should be respected and feared, it keeps its’ own balance.

The creatures inhabiting it are simple and to the point. They follow their instincts and co-exist with each other, they do not betray their feelings and keep to them, expressing them in an obvious way (I’m not talking about the animals that have been corrupted by human influence to the point where they express similar things as humans, be it betrayal or anything else).

Those creatures and their very essence should be held in higher regard, then us humans who have no way to co-exist with even each other, let alone the rest of the planet. The ability to think is a horrible ability we have. (So that’s what they meant, when writing in the bible, that god didn’t want Adam and Even to become self-aware etc. Good going you two! Way to go and ruin everything)

Then again…if it’s not humans…then perhaps after a few million years some other race will emerge and do the same thing we are doing now? Perhaps that’s also a certain balance and a circle of life and death. Maybe they’ll do the same...or perhaps they will be the ones’ to find a solution to this emerging and obvious problem? 

Or is my solution not the only option? Perhaps there actually is a way for us humans to co-exist...with each other…and the planet. Perhaps…after all...I’m not that smart to think of something like that, since wiping humanity out is much easier (even though to accomplish that without harming the planet even more…might be kindda hard. Since human existence has rooted very deeply into the earth, and taking aout the whole tree together with the roots might damage the earth quite a bit) Perhaps. I am an open-minded person after all. 

Thus for now…we humans will continue with our egotistical ways, by torturing and consuming every living thing around us. But hey…maybe there will come a time, when a choice will be made and I hope that it will be in the favor of the planet. Until then….I’ll wait.

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