Friday, 25 November 2011

We are all different. Or are we?

Oh what horrors! Heck, don‘t you just hate those Americans and their stupidity? Damn those rednecks and their big cars and guns. Don‘t you just hate those Russians? Damn communist scum. The Germans are ok, German quality all the way. And those Chinese !! Oh my god, somebody send them some condoms! Same goes for India damn it. Let them wage war with each other and lower their populations. Oh, and don‘t you just hate gays? How dare they walk around in public and marry each other? Bastards. Lesbians are ok as long as they let us watch. Oh and those black people! God, I hate their rap and that damn mugging. I‘m tired of being mugged by some random black dude each week ,even though It only happened once and all the rest were done by white guys. My country is the best. Oh and I like chicken.

What‘s written above is an example of the common thinking amongst the worlds population. The horrors of divided thinking indeed! Sometimes I just don‘t get it. Why does everyone think that we are so different? Like there‘s a difference between a white guy punching you in the face…or a black guy. I think not! What you would care about at that very moment is how fit( or about the pain you’re about to feel) the person punching you is, not what skin color, sex or sexual orientation he has.  

And that‘s where the differences kick in. We are different only on the level of thinking and the realization of it  – be it our beliefs, the things we like, the things we hate etc. But ONLY on that level. We are all human – we are selfish, egocentrical, we need to take a shit, we need to breathe...we need to eat and drink, we all adapt, we all have the same instincts. The different skin color? I‘d say it‘s the same thing as different clothes or different hobbies. Well obviously the different skin color came to be in another way.

My theory is that when the humans migrated through-out the world and settled at different sides of the globe, after thousands of years they adapted to the climate of the region to such an extent that even the skin color changed on a genetical level( there is some biological mumbo-jumbo involved in all that, but I’m no scientists damn it!). Not only that, but there were other minor changes. (like narrow eyes for instance).
And does that make us different? If the whole world would have the same climate, we would be the same even in that. Same goes for sexual orientation. It does not make a difference. Not tolerating gays is the same as not tolerating people with beliefs, that do not sit well with you personally. And having different beliefs is a very normal thing to us humans and does not make us different – same goes for sexual orientation. It’s a normal have one that is (even not having one …is the same as having one…in a way).

But at the same time…we ARE different aren’t we? I mean it could be because of the settling in different parts of the world at the early days of our race. Since we humans have this interesting ability…the ability to choose. And even when having the same conditions, the same situation - multiple human beings may choose different choices. I guess that’s how such completely different cultures came to be. ( Asian cultures...and European for example. A huge difference and most of the common things in them came to be from our interaction with each other). Another idea would be that our surroundings influence us to such an extent that different environments dictate our choice to a scary degree. Maybe that also had a hand in this different culture, language business. Perhaps.

Now where am I going with this? What I was trying to reach was our divided thinking ( which I mentioned at the very beginning). We divide ourselves so thoroughly – into races, cultures, countries, minority groups. Even on an individual level – we seek different hair styles, different outfitting, cars, social act …everything! Now the difference on the individual level is impossible to deny, but I’d say that the need to be different is what makes us so similar. Not only the ability to choose, but also the work we put in trying to stand out of the rest. 
And we try to stand out of our crowd so much, that it’s just scary sometimes (well there are exceptions, some of us want to do the opposite – blend in). Decades and decades of such divided thinking, the need to be different plus the brainwashing that tells us it’s good to stand out and climb higher up the stairs of society… all that made this bullshit a norm, something that has to be the way it is.

That in turn gave birth to nationalism. Indeed! The idealization of your own “culture”, your own “country” as something better than the rest, something – different (again with that word! ). How fucked up is that? I mean, are the countries themselves THAT different? Well it's true that they put in different mass-brainwash mechanisms and perhaps are trying to reach different results. But they all propagate love for their country. And all countries pollute the environment and don't give a shit about nature enough in the same way. All countries suck the life out of their surroundings, since all humans do that. And since a country consists of a number of individuals( humans that is), thus that fact remains - even the countries are the same.

Well maybe it’s just me. Now that we fell prey to such extreme thinking - that "my" country is the best, the most unique. That "My" culture is the most superior, then  there is no way back I guess. Only a total change of mass brainwashing around the globe ...and a few decades of it. Perhaps. Because the only way to stop this kind of thinking is for one of those countries to take over the world it seems. At least that’s what a lot of people think. 

And in a way they are right I guess, since now that everyone heightens their country above others, no one will back down and there will be no compromises. No common language, no nothing. Oh well. Maybe I should also join my country in its national thinking and be one of the crazy fans at the national games or be an active citizen to a scary extent? Maybe. Or maybe not! Damn I’m stubborn.

Indeed...are we different or are we the same? I vote for the second.

And god! If you really read ALL that then you seriously need to find something better to do. Go read a book or something ( oh wait..who reads books these days?), it'll be more worth while. Writing out of concern obviously.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Illusion of Knowing!

Ah, it’s been a while since I sat down comfortably in front of my laptop and vomited out a work, for my own personal satisfaction.
Now I’ve been reading the shit I drop into this blog and noticed something strange. It seems that I magically missed a topic very dear to me. A topic that I come across day in and day out in my life...and that is the Illusion of knowing! Indeed. A fantastic and a tiring thing, always hitting you in the most painful of spots.

Let’s imagine a situation. You’re talking to your friends and you say something. But you say it in a way that it is easy to misinterpret. Now, you mean something entirely different, but your friends are laughing their ass off, after understanding it in a different way. And even after you wait for them to calm down and try to fix the misunderstanding – they just don’t listen to you. They choose their interpretation and stick to it, thinking that they know better than YOU what was said. YOU, the one who said that “something”. You, who knew the real meaning of the words that came out of your mouth. Yes...that is indeed very annoying sometimes. 

But such a situation is just one of the simplest examples of the “ Illusion of knowing”. Such a thing goes deep, and can reach the deepest parts of our life. Now first of all I would like to point out the moral of that little story with zero specifics – Only you and you alone know what you were really trying to say and no one else will find out that if you do not wish it. Simple.
But we humans think of ourselves just way too good. We think that we are able to correctly interpret everything that our fellow man and woman do, that we can find the real answer behind those actions. Oh, the arrogance of humans. But what do we really know? Do we know anything at all? Can you trust what you read in the paper? Can you trust what you read in history books? Can you trust anything? How do you know that something is in the way you are told it is and no other?

You don’t.

We only know what is taught to us, and what is taught to us is not necessarily true. Well in a way, a lot of things can be partly true. There are a lot of partial truths. Be it in physics, math or other sciences. But even there - the knowledge we have could be only a piece of the whole apple. Indeed, knowledge is limitless in a way and we will always find something new, we will always move forward on that way. But then there is another question. Are we moving in the correct direction? Ah, now that’s a confusing question. How do you know that you chose the correct path? Was there a correct path to begin with? We don’t know. Now that’s something we should indeed know very well – that we know nothing at all.

And that’s how it really is. We live our lives in society, confident in the way of the humans, but never stop to think about the possibility that everything around us is fragile. Like glass that breaks easily.

Does god exist? We don’t know. What were the exact things that happened in the past, that none living human can remember of? We don’t know. Are there any universal truths? We don’t know. And no matter how much we heighten the achievements of man, we still live without real and solid knowledge of the truths that the universe is made off. Only the truths that are given to us are the real ones. That it is a crime to hurt another man, that we have to serve our society, that history is like it is written in the books, that we are informed of everything as it really is. And yet…we still do not know anything for a fact. Even the moral truths we are taught, that you must respect others like you respect yourself, equality, politeness, proper ethics – all that could be as much of a lie as it is true. It all depends on what we are taught from the beginning of our lives and what we see around us. Given enough time killing each other and stealing could be as normal as not doing such things is to us now. Indeed - the “Illusion of knowing”. Such a scary thing it is. Indeed.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cry havoc! Let loose the selfishness of MAN!

Ah..humans. Aren’t we just great? Aren’t we just too kind? Well of course there are all kinds of people. But there are enough of us, that are like..soo kind! Aren’t we? Millions of people give out charity, help out the homeless, start working in social services, so that they could fulfill their need to help the weak and poor. Oh and don’t forget religious people. A lot of religions, mainly Christianity ( I’m not gonna go deeper into other religions since I don’t have enough info on them) propagate kindness. The  “help those in need” thinking. Indeed...there is so much good in the world and so many good people.  We truly care about each other, especially about our loved ones and those close to us. Why do you think we have funerals? Why do we bury the bodies to the ground...why do we weep so much for our lost ones? Indeed. We are kind. Or ARE WE?

We are humans. That’s a fact. What’s most important to humans? Well I’d say survival. Preservation etc. But who’s most important to us? Well obviously it’s ourselves. Yes, that’s right! Selfishness is one of our strongest instincts sometimes, which in a way could come from the need to survive. As in…we instinctively look out for ourselves first, and then others. No matter what situation, even if we don’t realize it, firstly we will always think about us and only then comes the rest. Even if that thought about us lasts for a split-second, it’s still there. Now…you could be thinking that where did this bullshit come from, after all that talk about human kindness? Well, I believe that human kindness also comes from selfishness. And a good amount of brainwashing of course (Brainwashing – don’t leave your home without it).

Now why are people kind? Why do they help each other? Why do charities exist and so on? Well it’s definitely not out of pure kindness, no indeed.  Well ok, some of those things have nothing to do with selfishness. Charities ? For personal gain. Be it a company or creating a better image of oneself in society. Why do we help each other? Well some do it because of the same reason. To maintain a good image in society, others do out of their beliefs. Let’s say religious people? I’d say they are just brainwashed too much. Either they believe, that they’ll go to heaven after being good or they just believe in what their chosen religion says and choose to follow it’s “rules” and pretend to be good. Now talking about those people who want to go to a  good place after death.. I kindda understand them. I mean...who wouldn’t? ( Actually, I personally would like to go to hell. Since I believe that heaven is quite drafty…it’s high up after all. And I prefer warm places. Let’s hope it won’t be TOO warm.)

But obviously, these mentioned types aren’t the only ones that help. Oh no. There is another type, which I usually hate the most. People who help out of  “good will” and that gain “nothing” in return. At least they say so. Everyone believes them, no idea why. I mean…everybody is selfish, the least you could do is realize that we are all the same in this matter. Now why do those people help without asking anything in return? Obviously it’s because they need nothing in return. It is as they say. But only half-way,  because in reality they DO get something in return. And that is a feeling of self-satisfaction - a feeling of doing a good deed. Believe me, that feeling is some powerful shit and is probably quite addictive. You might think that how can anyone compare a “feeling” to money or anything else? Oh yes I can. Since that feeling is just enough. And they want more of it. They want to feel good, thus they continue to do what they do, lying to others and themselves, not realizing that they are no different. Well never mind, I mean…what do I know?

But seriously. All humans are are horribly similar in the most primitive level. In a level of instinct, but why do we pretend that we are not? Why do we pretend that we don’t realize how fake we and everyone around us are? Ech.

Ok back to the topic at hand. What about losing a loved one, or a family member you ask? Well I’m happy you did because that’s probably the top of our pyramid of selfishness. Indeed it is. Now..I’m guessing that most people have already lost it a loved one, a family member or whatever? And I’m guessing that everyone was really sad about it, if they cared about the lost person I mean. We cry and weep for the lost one, before the funeral, during it and after it. Ach, how sad it is indeed. But why do we weep?

We weep because WE lost something that was important to us or useful. We do not weep for those who died, we weep for ourselves. God. Be it parents who cry for their lost child or the other way around. It’s always about us first, and then about the lost one. I mean god. Are those who died sad? No, they died, the end. They are “saved” in a way, from this cruel world. They do not exist anymore. It’s all good on their side, but noo, we gotta express how sad we are, yelling that the ones who died are poor etc. when in reality, we cry about ourselves. And each word muttered out loud, is in reality means just a desperate cry that expresses how sad we are for ourselves. We cry not for the one who passed away, but for us, who remain without something they had previously.

So yeah, we are selfish beings. But so what of it? It’s human nature. The only reason we think selfishness is bad, is because of the brainwash we received during our lives from society, all those books explaining how bad it is to be selfish, etc. In reality…it’s completely normal and human. We humans in general are horrible creatures, but can we hate ourselves for being who we are? Nah...why waste time on that? (well I waste it sometimes..).

Thus live your lives, after realizing your faults. Who knows…maybe you’ll manage to fix them? Since these days a popular saying is... “anything is possible”.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Criminals, murderers. Oh the horror!

Criminals. Indeed they are horrible creatures, aren’t they? I mean, how DARE they harm humans? How dare they kill other humans? Since human life is sacred and so-on right? Thou shall not kill and all that shit. But harming everything else is alright. Be it plants, animals or the very earth we walk on. Like who cares, big deal, it’s not human. Indeed. We are like parasites who can only live by sucking life out of others. Out of everything to be precise, since now it’s not enough to just suck it from wildlife or the earth, no. Now we even suck the life out of each other (now that I think about it, perhaps it was never enough to begin with). Like for example – criminals. Don’t we suck the life out of them? Locking them up and giving a “better life” to someone else? Perhaps.

Criminals are like martyrs now that I think about it. They have to suffer for the sins of the society, suffer for the wrongs that we commit. You are probably thinking “criminals, suffering for the sins of others? What the hell?” But thinking more deeply you may realize that criminals are nothing else but products. Indeed, they are just products, cursed to bear the sins of their creators, locked away in institutions that have long lost their purpose, once meant to recycle, but now only to preserve.   

And who is the culprit behind these products? We are. Yes! We are the dreaded producers who burdened our creations with this harsh fate. Indeed we, the society, are at fault. Every produced criminal mirrors how rotten and corrupt the society has become. We point fingers at the poor criminals, labeling them sinners, law breakers and direct our hate towards them, sentencing them to death or exile from our ranks, be it in prison or outside it. These products will never find salvation, nor a proper place for their existence amongst our ranks (the societies ranks). As in, even after serving the time they are forced to in prison, they will still be outcasted and will not be able to find a proper job, cursed to live an unfulfilled life, or forced to commit the crimes they have done in the first place.

Now I'll try to explain something that somehow avoided proper explanation. And that is: "why are the criminals "martyrs" and why do we theoretically suck the life out of them?"
Now..criminals are martyrs, because we sacrifice them the same way "Christ" was sacrificed in the bible. As in..they suffer for our "sins". They are the products, we produce. The criminals are forced to commit crime because of the flaws our society has, because of how rotten it is and we sentence them to prisons, burdening them with all the things they were forced to commit, because of us. Suffering for a given time they rot in those big cans of conserved food. And they are marked as such "sacrifices" or "martyrs" for the rest of their lives, with no peace found anywhere, forced to remain at the lowest levels of our society. 

And why do we suck the life out of them? By closing off such products from the society, we give other people chances to "calmly" continue their lives without being interrupted by their own creations. Safe and sound from our own products we continue to create more of them, without realizing, living in our own shit.

But now that I look at what I wrote…perhaps I do sound a little negative. (only a little) But do not take it all to heart. Isn’t it a waste of time to hate yourself for being human? Because that’s what human is and for us it is natural. We are born, so and we will remain. There is no need to threat too much, since no matter how much we try, the bottom line will remain – we live on the life of others. If vampires existed it would be stupid to hate them for what they are. Or hating animals for what they are. It’s all a waste of time. It is as it is. And thus...we will remain pathetic, selfish and ever changing for the worse, slowly rotting away until nothing is left. Oh well..  poor criminals. I guess I’ll end it at this.

And thus we exist, greedy parasites feasting not only on life, but happiness and the very existence of other living beings. That’s what we are. Humans.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Life as we know it, isn't it great? Part 2.

And so, we continue our wonderful journey through lifes secrets. We ended about slavery to society, slavery to life. Well, in a way we are born slaves to life. And we are born slave's to society in reality. We are brought in to this world without anyone asking us if we want to leave the safe haven that our mother's are. We express our unwillingness to be ripped out of it by crying out, a desperate jest, since we have no choice. And as we are born, so we live. Living in an illusion of freedom, freedom of choice. Because in reality we have only 2 choices that are possible:
1. Live the life that society has given you, the life of a member of society.
2. Die.

Well the second choice comes whether we want it or not, but we have a choice to make it happen faster, not much of a choice, is it now? It's the same as giving up and wasting your one and only life, which was given to you, whether you wanted it or not. But since you got it, why waste it in such a way, huh? Since, as I mentioned before, death will come on it's own. Now talking about the first choice, I'll need a bit more explaining to do. Firstly, how do I understand the life we are given and the fulfillment of it. As I mentioned, we are born into this society as slaves, as worker ants or pigs for slaughter. Now, let me explain, what do worker ants do? They are born, they work and then they die. Simple. That's what we are doing. Same would be with the metaphor of "pigs for slaughter". Pigs are raised and fed to be slaughtered and eaten in the future. Well it's a bit more vulgar of a metaphor I guess. Ok then, enough of running around the point, I'm trying to get at. After we are born, we get a short while to grow and interact with our surroundings, understand and start thinking a little bit. Then we are thrown into kindergarten, where our mind molding begins. Or in other words, where the programing of future worker ants begins. We are taught the simplest ways of our society, we are being prepared for school. Once we grow up to an appropriate age for school, there the real molding begins. We are taught how to write and speak, but at the same time we are taught how to listen, how to live under authority, as we will once we grow up(Well, not including the growing up under the authority of parents, because that's a different story and usually a different kind of authority). As we proceed through this whole process of molding, brainwashing we finally grow up to being young adults, we look for jobs, we completely integrate ourselves into societies wheels, which are turning non-stop, running everything, a never-ending merry-go-round. Now when we finally get a job and start working for money, we will do so for the most of our lives. We have to work, to get money, to be able to live, to have food and water, to have a roof over our heads. To be able to do anything - you have to have money. But once we get old, we are useless and usually are thrown away to old-peoples homes or just ignored, left to fend for ourselves. And that's where we don't get a choice. While growing up we can't stop and think what awaits us and how meaningless it all is, how we are being used to the extreme. And we can't choose something that is over the fence of society, something that is over the rules of the world, because there aren't any. Even if we leave to live a secluded life somewhere - we can't Because the whole world is taken over. Every piece of land belongs to someone, be it a nation or a specific family or person. Wherever you go, there is no escape from the rules you are forced to follow. That's where we don't have a choice, that's where our prison is. And people usually don't even think about it, they are happy to work to try as hard as they can to climb up the stairs of "progress", stepping over other people, who are trying to do the same thing. That is also a problem. Firstly, people aren't born with the same rights and standings. Each of us has a different level of hardship to reach that ,what we want in society. Some of us have to try way harder, some of us have to less. Well you could say that such un-equality appeared in time, by some people trying harder to get something, who in turn get a better standing for their generations in society, and some try less, thus don't get a lesser standing. But that's also debatable, since you can also consider the ways people get their standings. But the real problem is our mindset in all this. Our need to compete with each other. We are too busy trying to beat each other to a single top chair in the room, instead of sharing everything. Whoever thought of this "compete" thing and was able to integrate it into our minds and into the gears of society so successfully was a genius in my book. Such a tactic was first invented by the Romans, and is called "divide and conquer". But was only used against the rulers of lands that the Romans conquered. But now this tactic is used in a much more complex way - each of us is considered like a nation, not that we are given attention as such, but we fight each other like we were the rulers of nations, and do exactly as those, who rule over us want us to, be it the rulers of countries or something more. Well I journeyed a little too far from my original thoughts, but oh well.

From reading all that you have (doubt that there are many of you who have) you can faintly understand what I think about living in society and living. My statement is that it's all meaningless. Now don't get me wrong, in the way I'm saying could think that everything is meaningless. More or less, it is of course. Since we humans tend to look for a grand meaning to our existence, but there is none. We're not that special, we are just way too egocentrical. But I guess it's natural to us humans. In my opinion, the only meaning to life it for yourself, and not for others. That's the true way of humans. I don't mean that you have to use others just to get what you want etc. no. I'll give you an example. Let's say you are a painter of sorts. In society it's considered a job, you paint, you show your work and try to sell it, to get money. But it's wrong and meaningless to think like that, unless on a scale of survival (get money, to buy food and be able to live). But if you want meaning to your life, it's useless to try to get acknowledgment from others, what you should be trying is self fulfillment, by expressing yourself through painting for yourself, not for others. What good painters are considered in society are those who can not only paint good, but also those who can express their feelings through paintings in such a way, that everyone could understand and even then, those feelings have to be such, that the others would like and could relate to. isn't that silly? As I mentioned in a previous post, creativity in itself is wonderful, whatever the form. And you should keep it to yourself, stop trying to please the masses, please yourself and be happy about it. Now that I would call a life worth living. We depend too much on the opinion of the society, which is bad. A waste of time I'd say (the same as reading what I'm writing here actually). But..what to do for those, who just can't work for themselves and only for being able to live? (as in..again, get money - get food and shelter). Well, frankly..there isn't much you can do. You can become a traveling bum, kinda extreme, but hey, you'll get to see the world (or the city you live in..). Of course not for long, since it's a risky profession, you can easily get sick and die off somewhere in the corner (or starve to death, or be killed by animals/other humans etc) and obviously, no-one cares if you do, since you're an outcast of society, a no-one (in the eyes of the society of course.) But as I mentioned before, who cares? Again..pursuing the acknowledgment of society is a freakin' waste of time (of course, you could say that's what I'm doing right now..wait...doesn't that make me pathetic? Damn). And so, it seems I gave you people one heck of an advice in life. Who am I, to know what is right, and what is wrong? No-one I guess, but the suggestion stands either way.

I guess I'll end it here, already wrote too much to read, since it eats up your precious time, which you could spend doing something worth-while (like watching grass grow..). Thus I say good bye, until the next time I decide to make my fingers suffer. /bow

More eye-candy for ya. (to catch your attention..hope it works)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Life as we know it, isn't it great? (retorical question)

And so, since I've got nothing better to do, I'll write something else, be it boring or not, but it is as it is. (too bad)

Let's talk about life a little bit (well it wont be much of a conversation, more like a monolog, but I guess it's better then nothing). Isn't it wonderful? Life that is. It's simply mind-blowing. We are born with limitless choices and possibilities in the future. As we grow up we begin to understand (more or less) the extent of them and begin to choose more and more important choices, that eventually determine our life. Of course, there is a saying that it's never to late to do..anything, but I mean..if you're 80 years old, you can't really be a soccer world champion, can you now? Well unless you're a super-human or something. And so, talking about those possibilities that this fantastic life has offered us, let's think about them a little bit, shall we? You can be anything you want, can't you? An astronaut, a doctor, a policeman, an artist, a salesman, a chimney cleaner, even a bum. Anything! Well you can't be superman or a thing that is beyond reality, but that's just minor restrictions, right? Damn, that sounds just too good to be true. Oh IS to good to be true, isn't it ? Well yes, you can be all those things, but you just can't get it that easily. To get something, you always have to loose something, that's just how life works. Let's say you want to be a doctor? Well you have to sacrifice a LOT of your life and time to attain that profession, and even then it's not certain you can become one, since studying to be a doctor is damn hard work. I mean, it's a respectable profession isn't it ? You are responsible for PEOPLE lives, damn that's some heavy responsibility. So yeah, you'll have to sacrifice all that and even get an additional burden in life, but hey, look at the bright side, you still get what you want, don't you? Then..let's say an artist(obviously I wont write about all the professions I mentioned, I kinda feel sorry for my fingers who have to type like crazy, so I'll only pick a few as examples, and those that are the best for me to get to a damn point I want to get to). So yeah, an artist. Also a wonderful profession, people choose it and think that they chose something, they really want, instead of choosing a profession that would give them a better life-style. Well that's true. Being an artist is a tough job, and usually an unlucky, ungrateful one. Since what you create, doesn't always look good or sound good for others. It seems your creativity, which let's say, is good for you, since you created something which is awesome, and let's admit, humans aren't that good at creating things, we are just better at destroying (and then building something on top that suits us) has to be judged by some "critics" who seem to know what's good and what's bad. I mean, they pick something THEY like and decide that it's better then the rest. And then they show it to the masses saying it's a masterpiece, and obviously everyone agrees. Creativity in itself is beautiful and wonderful and it shouldn't be weighted. (well yes, there is the "talent" and "no talent" thing, but I'll pass on that one. Cuz it can also be questioned). And so, you, as an artist have to go through a lot of hardships and even then, it doesn't mean that you will become famous, well known or get something back from the masses that you try to please. Thus you'll probably kill yourself, live a life of poverty or something like that. Damn, that sounds even worse then being a doctor. But hey, look at the bright side again, You're an artist! *hands clapping*. What's next? Oh, let's try something different. Life of a bum ! Now that has adventure written all over it, doesn't it ? Of course it does. And it's easy to achieve, just don't work, go live in the street or simply - live outside. There are even a lot of varieties of bums - travelers, settlers, or those who think they're failures(to be precise, there are 2 main types - Settlers and travelers, the third mentioned type belongs to one of those main types, but nevermind). Travelers - as the name states, don't remain in one place and travel around the globe or around the neighborhood (depends). Doesn't that sound exotic ? You get to see the world and you don't even have to pay for it !! Well yeah, where's the excitement in that, right? I mean, if you don't pay for being able to see a part of the world, you haven't seen before, there's no point in it. And this dude just free-loads and sees it without being able to truly "appreciate" it, by taking photos of every inch of that place and littering all over(well, at least there's work for the cleaners). Ok then, how about settlers? They are the colonizers of alleys and box-houses all over the city, the slums etc. They live in small colonies, spending their time sitting or trying make a living. Working at local junkyards, selling found artifacts and buying alcohol to end their thrilling day. I mean, what could be better? It's the same as any other life, only cheaper. More booze for you! Ok, but frankly, it's not as bad as people like to think, since it's "dirty" and "pathetic". But it's also a life-choice, it's a life without stress and with simple problems -eating, sleeping, breathing. The simple life, usually is the best life. And, here comes the last type of bums - the ones that think they're failures at life. Obviously those kind of bums were previously everyday, normal societies worker ants. Even company managers. But they got a hit-in with misfortune and lost it all, ended up in the situation they're in now. Well usually people like that commit suicide, since they can't live with failure. But some of them remain, sulking in dark corners of alleys, drinking the cheapest alcoholic beverages or worse and thinking about past days of glory. Don't worry you guys, you didn't fail at life, life failed you. (or society to be precise). Well the last bum category doesn't really fit the bill, but I just couldn't miss them out. But even this kind of job has it's bumps in the road, since society doesn't tolerate free-loaders. Usually cities start programs to reintegrate those poor people into society, make them work and if not, clean the city of them, by kicking them out. There is no place for them in the world, since the world is one big society, with it's rules and restrictions. I take my hat off for you my comrades in arms (Well not literally, since I don't wear hats) and salute you, with a hope for the better.

Uch, that was some hard work. And a warm-up for my fingers. Yes, I know you're bored to hell with this non-sense, but it's not the end. Well on the other hand, if you're still reading, you'll probably wont stop now, since you got nothing better to do(welcome to the club). Good for you!
Now what I wanted to show or tell everyone (myself probably) is great as life in our world is, it has way too many black spots. We think that we are free, free to choose whatever we want. That we have way too much breathing space. But in reality, it's the opposite. The whole world is a one big prison. I mean, think about it. Let's travel way back, to the young days, when you started to go to kinder garden. That is the beginning of your slavery to society. Caught your attention? I doubt it. Thus I will write the continuation of this crazy talk later, by expressing one of the many understandings of how the world works and how reality is. Might I remind you there are a lot of people..thus there are a lot of understandings and views. And...there are none that are wrong. Every view is at least a little bit correct. If it's serious of course. It's the same as .."the coin has more sides then one".  Ok, I said that I'd end it, but it seems I still managed to start something else. Congratulations, you have experienced hell and survived. See you in another post! (or not)

Cya! Good night and good ridens

Here's a little eye-candy for you.

Interlude, Introduction. The beggining, Alfa

And so begins the wonderful journey of a meaningless time spending on blogs. At least mine does. Since my long and almost interesting description of this blog didn't fit under the blog title, I'll have to write it here as an introduction to..the blog obviously. And so I begin !

This is a simple and meaningless blog for the misunderstood and the poor (not literally...or literally if needed). For those who find themselves thinking from time to time while studying, spending their time on the computer, working or doing anything else you people do, that something's not right. That the life they are living is just..not what they wanted, that they deserve something better or just want something better or that they feel that they don't belong, don't want to belong etc. Let's call this kind "closeted-outcasts". Yeah, it sounds interesting, huh? Made it up from the phrase "closeted homosexual" I heard a few years back. (yeah, I just praised my own idea.). Continuing about a detailed explanation of what this blog will be about, I shall add, that the blog is not for religious people. Well, that's a mistake, to be precise, it's not for people with extreme religious beliefs. Open-mindedness is a must. Of course, the blog may be on the "what the hell? Delete this shit" list for some atheists(if you have one that is), so I guess being one or another, doesn't really matter.

In conclusion - this blog is about life. About life outside society (not that that's possible), more mentally, then in reality. In the end, our thoughts, our minds are the only "worlds" that belong to us, no? The only place we can call our own, where we keep our thoughts, where we nurture our worlds, or the place where our worlds reflect our life in it's whole ugliness or...awesomeness (depends on what we think and believe)

Thus I shall end this short and almost not amusing introduction to a boring journey towards the unknown and known. Cheers! (not like I'm drinking anything at the moment)

P.S. No there is no "eye-candy" for you. Images will be a rarity here, since I'm all about the "thinking" and less about the "watching" (obviously, that's a lie, I'm just a damn lazy-ass to search for a proper image for you people, no offense...)