Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The majorities Insanity

Hello there my dear imaginary readers. It's been a while since I last decided to write something in this god-forsaken land, situated in who knows where for who knows what reason.

Anyway, this time I decided to avoid writing a nice big juicy piece of... text.
Instead! I decided to keep it short and just keep to the idea that was born in my head recently.
Or perhaps it was more or less right there long ago, only in the form of a seed, which grew into something more just recently. Who knows.

I was reading this interesting story (with pictures. I love pictures), where an individual was falsely charged with murder, even though he was innocent.

He was set up by a powerful family and in such a way that the evidence pointed its' rotten finger at him..
And even though he continued to deny the charges, everyone simply stated that he was crazy and deluded.
That he was so lost in attempts to justify his past actions that he started to believe in his very innocence and the truthfulness of his "make believe" stories.

Now the idea is quite interesting. but for now lets ignore the fact that we know he is innocent. ( kinda hard to do? Oh well)
Now, he was called crazy, deluded, twisted even, by everyone around him. Specifically influential individuals such as high ranking officers, judges and such. Except one guy. But he is quite irrelevant in this case.

But who was insane in this particular situation? I mean really, is it truly the one individual who stubbornly believed in his own innocence that was insane, or everyone else?

What if everyone else were so caught up in their own false belief that they were absolutely right. In their own, judgement and the facts at hand that they themselves were, for that duration, driven insane by it, to the point of completely looking down on that one individual, morally murdering him in their imagination or by their own spoken words.
Deluding themselves, believing in the words of those with authority(power does corrupt). Believing in what others state and avoiding to put their own mind to the test.

What if it's not the usual statement that the majority is right? What's the opposite?
The majority were going insane (well not completely, maybe the word is slightly too powerful) and not the minority? (that one individual)

Who knows. But it is in my nature to question everything and it is exactly what I am doing here. Not only that but I am also giving a message to you my dear imaginary readers. At what point do we get caught in our own illusion of knowledge? At what point do we start believing in our own "truths" so much, that we no longer question the validity of it nor do we bother with other "truths"? It is a fine line, which should never be crossed, even though it almost always is.

Always question. Always doubt.

(fudge, it still turned out to be a wall of text)

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