Saturday, 28 May 2011

Interlude, Introduction. The beggining, Alfa

And so begins the wonderful journey of a meaningless time spending on blogs. At least mine does. Since my long and almost interesting description of this blog didn't fit under the blog title, I'll have to write it here as an introduction to..the blog obviously. And so I begin !

This is a simple and meaningless blog for the misunderstood and the poor (not literally...or literally if needed). For those who find themselves thinking from time to time while studying, spending their time on the computer, working or doing anything else you people do, that something's not right. That the life they are living is just..not what they wanted, that they deserve something better or just want something better or that they feel that they don't belong, don't want to belong etc. Let's call this kind "closeted-outcasts". Yeah, it sounds interesting, huh? Made it up from the phrase "closeted homosexual" I heard a few years back. (yeah, I just praised my own idea.). Continuing about a detailed explanation of what this blog will be about, I shall add, that the blog is not for religious people. Well, that's a mistake, to be precise, it's not for people with extreme religious beliefs. Open-mindedness is a must. Of course, the blog may be on the "what the hell? Delete this shit" list for some atheists(if you have one that is), so I guess being one or another, doesn't really matter.

In conclusion - this blog is about life. About life outside society (not that that's possible), more mentally, then in reality. In the end, our thoughts, our minds are the only "worlds" that belong to us, no? The only place we can call our own, where we keep our thoughts, where we nurture our worlds, or the place where our worlds reflect our life in it's whole ugliness or...awesomeness (depends on what we think and believe)

Thus I shall end this short and almost not amusing introduction to a boring journey towards the unknown and known. Cheers! (not like I'm drinking anything at the moment)

P.S. No there is no "eye-candy" for you. Images will be a rarity here, since I'm all about the "thinking" and less about the "watching" (obviously, that's a lie, I'm just a damn lazy-ass to search for a proper image for you people, no offense...)

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