Saturday, 28 May 2011

Life as we know it, isn't it great? (retorical question)

And so, since I've got nothing better to do, I'll write something else, be it boring or not, but it is as it is. (too bad)

Let's talk about life a little bit (well it wont be much of a conversation, more like a monolog, but I guess it's better then nothing). Isn't it wonderful? Life that is. It's simply mind-blowing. We are born with limitless choices and possibilities in the future. As we grow up we begin to understand (more or less) the extent of them and begin to choose more and more important choices, that eventually determine our life. Of course, there is a saying that it's never to late to do..anything, but I mean..if you're 80 years old, you can't really be a soccer world champion, can you now? Well unless you're a super-human or something. And so, talking about those possibilities that this fantastic life has offered us, let's think about them a little bit, shall we? You can be anything you want, can't you? An astronaut, a doctor, a policeman, an artist, a salesman, a chimney cleaner, even a bum. Anything! Well you can't be superman or a thing that is beyond reality, but that's just minor restrictions, right? Damn, that sounds just too good to be true. Oh IS to good to be true, isn't it ? Well yes, you can be all those things, but you just can't get it that easily. To get something, you always have to loose something, that's just how life works. Let's say you want to be a doctor? Well you have to sacrifice a LOT of your life and time to attain that profession, and even then it's not certain you can become one, since studying to be a doctor is damn hard work. I mean, it's a respectable profession isn't it ? You are responsible for PEOPLE lives, damn that's some heavy responsibility. So yeah, you'll have to sacrifice all that and even get an additional burden in life, but hey, look at the bright side, you still get what you want, don't you? Then..let's say an artist(obviously I wont write about all the professions I mentioned, I kinda feel sorry for my fingers who have to type like crazy, so I'll only pick a few as examples, and those that are the best for me to get to a damn point I want to get to). So yeah, an artist. Also a wonderful profession, people choose it and think that they chose something, they really want, instead of choosing a profession that would give them a better life-style. Well that's true. Being an artist is a tough job, and usually an unlucky, ungrateful one. Since what you create, doesn't always look good or sound good for others. It seems your creativity, which let's say, is good for you, since you created something which is awesome, and let's admit, humans aren't that good at creating things, we are just better at destroying (and then building something on top that suits us) has to be judged by some "critics" who seem to know what's good and what's bad. I mean, they pick something THEY like and decide that it's better then the rest. And then they show it to the masses saying it's a masterpiece, and obviously everyone agrees. Creativity in itself is beautiful and wonderful and it shouldn't be weighted. (well yes, there is the "talent" and "no talent" thing, but I'll pass on that one. Cuz it can also be questioned). And so, you, as an artist have to go through a lot of hardships and even then, it doesn't mean that you will become famous, well known or get something back from the masses that you try to please. Thus you'll probably kill yourself, live a life of poverty or something like that. Damn, that sounds even worse then being a doctor. But hey, look at the bright side again, You're an artist! *hands clapping*. What's next? Oh, let's try something different. Life of a bum ! Now that has adventure written all over it, doesn't it ? Of course it does. And it's easy to achieve, just don't work, go live in the street or simply - live outside. There are even a lot of varieties of bums - travelers, settlers, or those who think they're failures(to be precise, there are 2 main types - Settlers and travelers, the third mentioned type belongs to one of those main types, but nevermind). Travelers - as the name states, don't remain in one place and travel around the globe or around the neighborhood (depends). Doesn't that sound exotic ? You get to see the world and you don't even have to pay for it !! Well yeah, where's the excitement in that, right? I mean, if you don't pay for being able to see a part of the world, you haven't seen before, there's no point in it. And this dude just free-loads and sees it without being able to truly "appreciate" it, by taking photos of every inch of that place and littering all over(well, at least there's work for the cleaners). Ok then, how about settlers? They are the colonizers of alleys and box-houses all over the city, the slums etc. They live in small colonies, spending their time sitting or trying make a living. Working at local junkyards, selling found artifacts and buying alcohol to end their thrilling day. I mean, what could be better? It's the same as any other life, only cheaper. More booze for you! Ok, but frankly, it's not as bad as people like to think, since it's "dirty" and "pathetic". But it's also a life-choice, it's a life without stress and with simple problems -eating, sleeping, breathing. The simple life, usually is the best life. And, here comes the last type of bums - the ones that think they're failures at life. Obviously those kind of bums were previously everyday, normal societies worker ants. Even company managers. But they got a hit-in with misfortune and lost it all, ended up in the situation they're in now. Well usually people like that commit suicide, since they can't live with failure. But some of them remain, sulking in dark corners of alleys, drinking the cheapest alcoholic beverages or worse and thinking about past days of glory. Don't worry you guys, you didn't fail at life, life failed you. (or society to be precise). Well the last bum category doesn't really fit the bill, but I just couldn't miss them out. But even this kind of job has it's bumps in the road, since society doesn't tolerate free-loaders. Usually cities start programs to reintegrate those poor people into society, make them work and if not, clean the city of them, by kicking them out. There is no place for them in the world, since the world is one big society, with it's rules and restrictions. I take my hat off for you my comrades in arms (Well not literally, since I don't wear hats) and salute you, with a hope for the better.

Uch, that was some hard work. And a warm-up for my fingers. Yes, I know you're bored to hell with this non-sense, but it's not the end. Well on the other hand, if you're still reading, you'll probably wont stop now, since you got nothing better to do(welcome to the club). Good for you!
Now what I wanted to show or tell everyone (myself probably) is great as life in our world is, it has way too many black spots. We think that we are free, free to choose whatever we want. That we have way too much breathing space. But in reality, it's the opposite. The whole world is a one big prison. I mean, think about it. Let's travel way back, to the young days, when you started to go to kinder garden. That is the beginning of your slavery to society. Caught your attention? I doubt it. Thus I will write the continuation of this crazy talk later, by expressing one of the many understandings of how the world works and how reality is. Might I remind you there are a lot of people..thus there are a lot of understandings and views. And...there are none that are wrong. Every view is at least a little bit correct. If it's serious of course. It's the same as .."the coin has more sides then one".  Ok, I said that I'd end it, but it seems I still managed to start something else. Congratulations, you have experienced hell and survived. See you in another post! (or not)

Cya! Good night and good ridens

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