Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cry havoc! Let loose the selfishness of MAN!

Ah..humans. Aren’t we just great? Aren’t we just too kind? Well of course there are all kinds of people. But there are enough of us, that are like..soo kind! Aren’t we? Millions of people give out charity, help out the homeless, start working in social services, so that they could fulfill their need to help the weak and poor. Oh and don’t forget religious people. A lot of religions, mainly Christianity ( I’m not gonna go deeper into other religions since I don’t have enough info on them) propagate kindness. The  “help those in need” thinking. Indeed...there is so much good in the world and so many good people.  We truly care about each other, especially about our loved ones and those close to us. Why do you think we have funerals? Why do we bury the bodies to the ground...why do we weep so much for our lost ones? Indeed. We are kind. Or ARE WE?

We are humans. That’s a fact. What’s most important to humans? Well I’d say survival. Preservation etc. But who’s most important to us? Well obviously it’s ourselves. Yes, that’s right! Selfishness is one of our strongest instincts sometimes, which in a way could come from the need to survive. As in…we instinctively look out for ourselves first, and then others. No matter what situation, even if we don’t realize it, firstly we will always think about us and only then comes the rest. Even if that thought about us lasts for a split-second, it’s still there. Now…you could be thinking that where did this bullshit come from, after all that talk about human kindness? Well, I believe that human kindness also comes from selfishness. And a good amount of brainwashing of course (Brainwashing – don’t leave your home without it).

Now why are people kind? Why do they help each other? Why do charities exist and so on? Well it’s definitely not out of pure kindness, no indeed.  Well ok, some of those things have nothing to do with selfishness. Charities ? For personal gain. Be it a company or creating a better image of oneself in society. Why do we help each other? Well some do it because of the same reason. To maintain a good image in society, others do out of their beliefs. Let’s say religious people? I’d say they are just brainwashed too much. Either they believe, that they’ll go to heaven after being good or they just believe in what their chosen religion says and choose to follow it’s “rules” and pretend to be good. Now talking about those people who want to go to a  good place after death.. I kindda understand them. I mean...who wouldn’t? ( Actually, I personally would like to go to hell. Since I believe that heaven is quite drafty…it’s high up after all. And I prefer warm places. Let’s hope it won’t be TOO warm.)

But obviously, these mentioned types aren’t the only ones that help. Oh no. There is another type, which I usually hate the most. People who help out of  “good will” and that gain “nothing” in return. At least they say so. Everyone believes them, no idea why. I mean…everybody is selfish, the least you could do is realize that we are all the same in this matter. Now why do those people help without asking anything in return? Obviously it’s because they need nothing in return. It is as they say. But only half-way,  because in reality they DO get something in return. And that is a feeling of self-satisfaction - a feeling of doing a good deed. Believe me, that feeling is some powerful shit and is probably quite addictive. You might think that how can anyone compare a “feeling” to money or anything else? Oh yes I can. Since that feeling is just enough. And they want more of it. They want to feel good, thus they continue to do what they do, lying to others and themselves, not realizing that they are no different. Well never mind, I mean…what do I know?

But seriously. All humans are are horribly similar in the most primitive level. In a level of instinct, but why do we pretend that we are not? Why do we pretend that we don’t realize how fake we and everyone around us are? Ech.

Ok back to the topic at hand. What about losing a loved one, or a family member you ask? Well I’m happy you did because that’s probably the top of our pyramid of selfishness. Indeed it is. Now..I’m guessing that most people have already lost it a loved one, a family member or whatever? And I’m guessing that everyone was really sad about it, if they cared about the lost person I mean. We cry and weep for the lost one, before the funeral, during it and after it. Ach, how sad it is indeed. But why do we weep?

We weep because WE lost something that was important to us or useful. We do not weep for those who died, we weep for ourselves. God. Be it parents who cry for their lost child or the other way around. It’s always about us first, and then about the lost one. I mean god. Are those who died sad? No, they died, the end. They are “saved” in a way, from this cruel world. They do not exist anymore. It’s all good on their side, but noo, we gotta express how sad we are, yelling that the ones who died are poor etc. when in reality, we cry about ourselves. And each word muttered out loud, is in reality means just a desperate cry that expresses how sad we are for ourselves. We cry not for the one who passed away, but for us, who remain without something they had previously.

So yeah, we are selfish beings. But so what of it? It’s human nature. The only reason we think selfishness is bad, is because of the brainwash we received during our lives from society, all those books explaining how bad it is to be selfish, etc. In reality…it’s completely normal and human. We humans in general are horrible creatures, but can we hate ourselves for being who we are? Nah...why waste time on that? (well I waste it sometimes..).

Thus live your lives, after realizing your faults. Who knows…maybe you’ll manage to fix them? Since these days a popular saying is... “anything is possible”.

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