Friday, 9 September 2011

Criminals, murderers. Oh the horror!

Criminals. Indeed they are horrible creatures, aren’t they? I mean, how DARE they harm humans? How dare they kill other humans? Since human life is sacred and so-on right? Thou shall not kill and all that shit. But harming everything else is alright. Be it plants, animals or the very earth we walk on. Like who cares, big deal, it’s not human. Indeed. We are like parasites who can only live by sucking life out of others. Out of everything to be precise, since now it’s not enough to just suck it from wildlife or the earth, no. Now we even suck the life out of each other (now that I think about it, perhaps it was never enough to begin with). Like for example – criminals. Don’t we suck the life out of them? Locking them up and giving a “better life” to someone else? Perhaps.

Criminals are like martyrs now that I think about it. They have to suffer for the sins of the society, suffer for the wrongs that we commit. You are probably thinking “criminals, suffering for the sins of others? What the hell?” But thinking more deeply you may realize that criminals are nothing else but products. Indeed, they are just products, cursed to bear the sins of their creators, locked away in institutions that have long lost their purpose, once meant to recycle, but now only to preserve.   

And who is the culprit behind these products? We are. Yes! We are the dreaded producers who burdened our creations with this harsh fate. Indeed we, the society, are at fault. Every produced criminal mirrors how rotten and corrupt the society has become. We point fingers at the poor criminals, labeling them sinners, law breakers and direct our hate towards them, sentencing them to death or exile from our ranks, be it in prison or outside it. These products will never find salvation, nor a proper place for their existence amongst our ranks (the societies ranks). As in, even after serving the time they are forced to in prison, they will still be outcasted and will not be able to find a proper job, cursed to live an unfulfilled life, or forced to commit the crimes they have done in the first place.

Now I'll try to explain something that somehow avoided proper explanation. And that is: "why are the criminals "martyrs" and why do we theoretically suck the life out of them?"
Now..criminals are martyrs, because we sacrifice them the same way "Christ" was sacrificed in the bible. As in..they suffer for our "sins". They are the products, we produce. The criminals are forced to commit crime because of the flaws our society has, because of how rotten it is and we sentence them to prisons, burdening them with all the things they were forced to commit, because of us. Suffering for a given time they rot in those big cans of conserved food. And they are marked as such "sacrifices" or "martyrs" for the rest of their lives, with no peace found anywhere, forced to remain at the lowest levels of our society. 

And why do we suck the life out of them? By closing off such products from the society, we give other people chances to "calmly" continue their lives without being interrupted by their own creations. Safe and sound from our own products we continue to create more of them, without realizing, living in our own shit.

But now that I look at what I wrote…perhaps I do sound a little negative. (only a little) But do not take it all to heart. Isn’t it a waste of time to hate yourself for being human? Because that’s what human is and for us it is natural. We are born, so and we will remain. There is no need to threat too much, since no matter how much we try, the bottom line will remain – we live on the life of others. If vampires existed it would be stupid to hate them for what they are. Or hating animals for what they are. It’s all a waste of time. It is as it is. And thus...we will remain pathetic, selfish and ever changing for the worse, slowly rotting away until nothing is left. Oh well..  poor criminals. I guess I’ll end it at this.

And thus we exist, greedy parasites feasting not only on life, but happiness and the very existence of other living beings. That’s what we are. Humans.

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