Sunday, 29 May 2011

Life as we know it, isn't it great? Part 2.

And so, we continue our wonderful journey through lifes secrets. We ended about slavery to society, slavery to life. Well, in a way we are born slaves to life. And we are born slave's to society in reality. We are brought in to this world without anyone asking us if we want to leave the safe haven that our mother's are. We express our unwillingness to be ripped out of it by crying out, a desperate jest, since we have no choice. And as we are born, so we live. Living in an illusion of freedom, freedom of choice. Because in reality we have only 2 choices that are possible:
1. Live the life that society has given you, the life of a member of society.
2. Die.

Well the second choice comes whether we want it or not, but we have a choice to make it happen faster, not much of a choice, is it now? It's the same as giving up and wasting your one and only life, which was given to you, whether you wanted it or not. But since you got it, why waste it in such a way, huh? Since, as I mentioned before, death will come on it's own. Now talking about the first choice, I'll need a bit more explaining to do. Firstly, how do I understand the life we are given and the fulfillment of it. As I mentioned, we are born into this society as slaves, as worker ants or pigs for slaughter. Now, let me explain, what do worker ants do? They are born, they work and then they die. Simple. That's what we are doing. Same would be with the metaphor of "pigs for slaughter". Pigs are raised and fed to be slaughtered and eaten in the future. Well it's a bit more vulgar of a metaphor I guess. Ok then, enough of running around the point, I'm trying to get at. After we are born, we get a short while to grow and interact with our surroundings, understand and start thinking a little bit. Then we are thrown into kindergarten, where our mind molding begins. Or in other words, where the programing of future worker ants begins. We are taught the simplest ways of our society, we are being prepared for school. Once we grow up to an appropriate age for school, there the real molding begins. We are taught how to write and speak, but at the same time we are taught how to listen, how to live under authority, as we will once we grow up(Well, not including the growing up under the authority of parents, because that's a different story and usually a different kind of authority). As we proceed through this whole process of molding, brainwashing we finally grow up to being young adults, we look for jobs, we completely integrate ourselves into societies wheels, which are turning non-stop, running everything, a never-ending merry-go-round. Now when we finally get a job and start working for money, we will do so for the most of our lives. We have to work, to get money, to be able to live, to have food and water, to have a roof over our heads. To be able to do anything - you have to have money. But once we get old, we are useless and usually are thrown away to old-peoples homes or just ignored, left to fend for ourselves. And that's where we don't get a choice. While growing up we can't stop and think what awaits us and how meaningless it all is, how we are being used to the extreme. And we can't choose something that is over the fence of society, something that is over the rules of the world, because there aren't any. Even if we leave to live a secluded life somewhere - we can't Because the whole world is taken over. Every piece of land belongs to someone, be it a nation or a specific family or person. Wherever you go, there is no escape from the rules you are forced to follow. That's where we don't have a choice, that's where our prison is. And people usually don't even think about it, they are happy to work to try as hard as they can to climb up the stairs of "progress", stepping over other people, who are trying to do the same thing. That is also a problem. Firstly, people aren't born with the same rights and standings. Each of us has a different level of hardship to reach that ,what we want in society. Some of us have to try way harder, some of us have to less. Well you could say that such un-equality appeared in time, by some people trying harder to get something, who in turn get a better standing for their generations in society, and some try less, thus don't get a lesser standing. But that's also debatable, since you can also consider the ways people get their standings. But the real problem is our mindset in all this. Our need to compete with each other. We are too busy trying to beat each other to a single top chair in the room, instead of sharing everything. Whoever thought of this "compete" thing and was able to integrate it into our minds and into the gears of society so successfully was a genius in my book. Such a tactic was first invented by the Romans, and is called "divide and conquer". But was only used against the rulers of lands that the Romans conquered. But now this tactic is used in a much more complex way - each of us is considered like a nation, not that we are given attention as such, but we fight each other like we were the rulers of nations, and do exactly as those, who rule over us want us to, be it the rulers of countries or something more. Well I journeyed a little too far from my original thoughts, but oh well.

From reading all that you have (doubt that there are many of you who have) you can faintly understand what I think about living in society and living. My statement is that it's all meaningless. Now don't get me wrong, in the way I'm saying could think that everything is meaningless. More or less, it is of course. Since we humans tend to look for a grand meaning to our existence, but there is none. We're not that special, we are just way too egocentrical. But I guess it's natural to us humans. In my opinion, the only meaning to life it for yourself, and not for others. That's the true way of humans. I don't mean that you have to use others just to get what you want etc. no. I'll give you an example. Let's say you are a painter of sorts. In society it's considered a job, you paint, you show your work and try to sell it, to get money. But it's wrong and meaningless to think like that, unless on a scale of survival (get money, to buy food and be able to live). But if you want meaning to your life, it's useless to try to get acknowledgment from others, what you should be trying is self fulfillment, by expressing yourself through painting for yourself, not for others. What good painters are considered in society are those who can not only paint good, but also those who can express their feelings through paintings in such a way, that everyone could understand and even then, those feelings have to be such, that the others would like and could relate to. isn't that silly? As I mentioned in a previous post, creativity in itself is wonderful, whatever the form. And you should keep it to yourself, stop trying to please the masses, please yourself and be happy about it. Now that I would call a life worth living. We depend too much on the opinion of the society, which is bad. A waste of time I'd say (the same as reading what I'm writing here actually). But..what to do for those, who just can't work for themselves and only for being able to live? (as in..again, get money - get food and shelter). Well, frankly..there isn't much you can do. You can become a traveling bum, kinda extreme, but hey, you'll get to see the world (or the city you live in..). Of course not for long, since it's a risky profession, you can easily get sick and die off somewhere in the corner (or starve to death, or be killed by animals/other humans etc) and obviously, no-one cares if you do, since you're an outcast of society, a no-one (in the eyes of the society of course.) But as I mentioned before, who cares? Again..pursuing the acknowledgment of society is a freakin' waste of time (of course, you could say that's what I'm doing right now..wait...doesn't that make me pathetic? Damn). And so, it seems I gave you people one heck of an advice in life. Who am I, to know what is right, and what is wrong? No-one I guess, but the suggestion stands either way.

I guess I'll end it here, already wrote too much to read, since it eats up your precious time, which you could spend doing something worth-while (like watching grass grow..). Thus I say good bye, until the next time I decide to make my fingers suffer. /bow

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